Our team is sponsored by several organizations, and we are very grateful for their help in making our project a success.


The main sponsor of the ScumBot project is Lemelson-MIT. We have been granted $10,000 for designing and manufacturing the robot. We are honored to be one of 15 teams selected nation wide for this grant. You'll find the website for the Lemelson-MIT program here. The InvenTeam information website is located here.

Clean Tech Competition Challenge & Dow Chemicals

The Clean Tech Competition Challenge sponsored by Dow Chemicals is where we received our $10,000 grant to continue designing and working on The Water Trotter.  We were honored to be one of the four American teams invited to the competition as well as the only American team to place in the top three.  Interested in the process of the competition and how we were selected to be finalists? The CSTL homepage includes plenty of information about it all! 


Igus has donated many mechanical parts to our team, including shafts and bearings. Their Y.E.S program, designed to foster the mechanical design ideas of those with a passion for engineering, provides students such as us with the materials necessary to inspire learning. Want to know more? The Igus website and Igus YES Program website will surely inform you about this unique program.