What Is JuiceBox?

JuiceBox is an efficient and sustainable way to provide electricity for off-the-grid, portable pods for previously homeless people.

  • The shelter "pods" are equipped with 100W solar panels that deliver power to the JuiceBox, mounted inside. 

  • The power of the sun is harnessed to charge an 18 AH 12V battery. Batteries are recycled from FIRST Robotics teams.

  • This power can then be used to power devices that plug into a wall outlet  (120V AC, 300W max) or 12V DC automotive accessory socket.

  • The battery also powers a bright LED light bar mounted on the front of the JuiceBox, perfect for illuminating rooms at night, and extending the day of the user.

JuiceBOx with LED light , Inverter, and USB charger

JuiceBOx with LED light , Inverter, and USB charger



JuiceBox is a winner of The Lexus Eco Challenge First Round, where we won $10,000! All winnings are going back to the project and will be used to fund the creation and implementation of more JuiceBoxes. 

Our Partners

We have partnered with the Pods for Peeps project, which builds small, portable, one-room houses to provide homeless people with a safe shelter, the Rebuilding Center, and the Village Coalition. Through these partnerships, we have installed JuiceBoxes in the Hazelnut Grove community for the previously homeless.


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