Monthly Update: May and Looking Forward

May was a big month for our team. From finishing the mechanical side to prototyping the robot to deciding the future of the entire InvenTeam, we certainly have been busy.

We finished the mechanical side of the robot early in the month. This allowed us to run software testing of conveyors. As you may have seen, we were also privileged to test our robot in real water in the Willamette River. Unfortunately, this testing did not run as smoothly as pictured in the video. The robot almost sank due to an open pontoon valve, and the amount of force on the transmissions distorted the drive shaft to a point of no repair. Thus, the rest of the month mechanically focused on fixing the transmissions and attempting to reduce risk of this happening again. In order to accomplish this, we have decided to re-make the paddle wheels. Their new smaller size will make for a lighter robot and less force on the drive shaft-- hopefully solving both of our problems.

On the communications and marketing side of the team, preparations are underway for the final presentation at EurekaFest. The final powerpoint has been constructed, a reveal video was made, and work has begun on brochures and posters for the presentation. The Facebook account is frequently updated as well.

You may be wondering: what's next for ScumBot? Our team has been in careful consideration of this question for the past few months. After lots of deliberation considering what our team's abilities for next year would be, we have decided to work hard on ScumBot until July, when we will go to Sunriver for testing. During this time, we will pass ScumBot off to FRC Team 753: The High Desert Droids. Their location and previous experience with engineering through FRC makes them the ideal candidate for taking over this project as it moves to its final destination.