Monthly Update: April


This month has been a busy month across the board as many of our members travelled to the FRC World Championship in St. Louis. Meanwhile, the remaining members worked hard to attach conveyor belts and devise a strategy to move the completed ScumBot out and test it.

Unfortunately, we have not quite finished everything mechanically, but that should be done by the end of this week. Mentioned above, we have attached conveyor belts, which were hugely difficult to obtain up until this point. We ended up using tread to make the belts. Also, ScumBot now features a removable motor plate and paddle with Andersen connectors to our motors. This will help with transportation out of the lab, since ScumBot is too wide to fit through the double doors without removal of the paddle wheels.

And ideally, we will need to transport it out those double doors very soon! On Friday, May 9th, ScumBot makes its first official trip to a body of water in our very own pond on campus. Here we will test the basic functions, mostly its flotation with extra weight. 

Communications-wise, we are scheduled to present to the entire Upper School on May 20. We will hopefully be able to bring ScumBot into the auditorium for demos! And there might even be a video showing.

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