Monthly Update: February and Midterm Review Report

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a nice morning. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Midterm Review last night! In spirit of that event, this month's report will be slightly different than usual, mostly focusing on what we had in our presentation. You can view our presentation here:

We started out the evening by welcoming our guests and introducing all of the presenters: Alexandra, Jacob, Max, Mind, Jason, Vincent, and Anna. We then launched into the presentation. People trickled in as we were playing the Lemelson-MIT video, which worked out nicely. We had a much bigger turnout than we had expected; about 20 people were present and one person even Skyped into the presentation! Thanks again if you were able to come.

In our presentation, we touched on all of the important parts of this project, including the problem we are trying to solve, our solution, and what improvements have taken place in the past month. Our robot has definitely come a long way. See attached photos and view our newly added photo gallery called In Our Lab.

Communications wise, the main focus has been on the review; preparing the presentation and getting people to attend. Make sure to like us on Facebook if you haven't already: Financially, our budget is running low, as we have spent approximately 9,900 of our allotted 10,000 dollar grant. Luckily, the mechanical side of the robot is nearly complete, so if nothing breaks, we won't need to purchase anything more.