Department Competition for Brownies!

Alexandra has challenged the technical department leads to work hard and complete the goals they set for the end of these two weeks before break. The competition will be judged by the number of hours put in, as well as the quality and quantity of completed work. Here's what Alexandra had to say:

"You all are wonderful and technical leads. You've done great work so far this year that is AMAZING. Guess what? We're half way to the approximate date of our first test run in Sunriver, but of course we'll do test runs here before we go to Sunriver. The Scumbot is a huge project and we have to keep this in mind with these upcoming, real deadlines. SO for this week-and-a-half push I'm going to make brownies! If people can accomplish the goal they set in the last InvenTeam managers meeting, then they get brownies. However, the amount and quality of the brownies you receive depends on how many days and hours you put in over the next week and half. These brownies will be brought into the lab on Wednesday December 18th."

Let's see which department gets the most and best brownies! Good luck to all!