Monthly Update: December

Due to the break, our team will not be in the lab in the last two weeks of the month, so you all get the monthly update now!

Managers are working extremely hard to get their deadlines done by Wednesday, when we will meet with Justin Lai for a check-up and also reveal the brownie winner! The InvenTeam managers have also decided to meet every Thursday during lunch in order to coordinate ideas and progress. Speaking of progress, here’s what has happened so far in the technical departments:

Mechanical: The motors have been mounted, after a few difficulties with measurements. Max has placed several calls with Rexnord Industries concerning the conveyor belts, but they are still working things out. The next steps will be to figure out a way to attach the conveyor belts and paddle wheels. Meanwhile, Jake has continued diligently working on his CAD of the robot.

Software/ Control Systems: The joystick is now fully functional in controlling Captain through an XBee radio, the mechanism we intend to use on ScumBot. We now have some navigational code for controlling the robot autonomously from afar, but we will not be able to test it until the GPS system arrives. Everything is going smoothly in control systems; the components are all mounted on Captain.

Financial/Communications: Having already purchased pontoons and control systems parts, the financial department has been spending quickly. Our budget is looking tight at the moment; conveyor belts will likely take a large chunk of our remaining budget to purchase, so we hope to receive a donation. The receipts will be mailed to the Lemelson-MIT program by Friday. Speaking of donations, we recently received mechanical parts from Igus, including shafts, bearings, and other useful fabrication materials. Be sure to check out their website and look at our other sponsors. You can find the link here:

That’s all for this month. We hope everyone has a great winter break! Following the break, some of our members will dedicate most of their time to FRC for six weeks, so we must be resilient and work harder than ever in order to get work done.