Monthly Update: November

Exciting news! Our team has decided to apply for a patent for ScumBot! Jacob Bendicksen’s cousin, Laura Moskowitz, works in patents, and she has agreed to help us with this new process. Thanks Laura!

We’ve definitely made progress this month, in both technical departments and outreach. Below you’ll find department reports for November.

Fabrication: Pontoons arrived early in the month, which turns out to be a bit of a setback. The pontoons do not fit the original measurement description. Luckily, we have such a great fabrication department. Max A and his team adjusted the measurements of the robot to fit with the pontoons within a week. Additionally, in the Fabrication department, a major design change has been set in place. We have decided to use wider conveyor belts that cover the entire width of the robot. This will maximize time and power efficiency.

Software/Control Systems: The robot is now driving with a remote (as opposed to connected by cable to the computer). That means we are now able to drive the robot around the lab. In control systems, Jacob’s been busy with coaching his FLL team, but he says that the spot on the robot for the control box has been finalized.

Communications: We’ve now got both a Facebook page ( and a Twitter page ( where we will be posting updates about our team. On Wednesday, November 20, Alexandra and I met with other teams regarding the communications role. We also familiarized ourselves with Google+. Finally, there are still five more days left to vote for the engineering video by Jules Renaud here: We are the last thumbnail on the fourth page, with four books.

Financial: The debit card came in the mail early in the month, and everything is running smoothly. Currently, the biggest predicted expense for the robot will be conveyor belts; the price is estimated to be around $1500.

The lab's closed for the break, but we will be back and working harder than ever in December. Happy Thanksgiving to all.