Monthly Update: October

This is the first of the monthly updates, so you’ll have many more to look forward to. In these analyses, we will cover what’s been happening in each department.

Electronics/Software: Good news from control systems. We’ve been testing out our fancy new part, the voltage converter, as well as software’s new drive code. The only full-time member of the software department, Vincent, has been working very diligently on robot software. Vincent has been working alongside Jacob, testing his drive code while Jacob experiments with controls. On Tuesday, our prototype control board and software was successfully able to drive! We are currently using old FRC drive base and control board elements to test out our new equipment.

Fabrication: In fabrication, the 80/20 frame for the robot is complete (see picture below). Hopefully, our pontoons will arrive shortly and we will be able to attach them. We have also been exploring new ways of propelling the robot. Right now, paddle wheels of some type seem to be the obvious choice. However, we would like to possibly investigate ways of using snow mobile tracks to tread the water in the future.

Communications: Communications is up and running with Anna, Tristan, and Alexandra, the current task being all members needing to turn in their permission slips at Team Access online. The website is adding new content all the time, so be sure to check back frequently.

Financial: The financial department awaits the debit card, so there is not much for them to do right now. Thanks again to Mind for stepping up to the management role.

The 80/20 frame as of yesterday