Current Projects:


JuiceBox is an efficient and sustainable way to provide electricity and utilities for off-the-grid, portable houses for previously homeless people. JuiceBox acts as an intersection between environmental and humanitarian work. Using recycled batteries from Robotics teams we are raising awareness among the FIRST community, and the solar panels encourage reusable energy while improving the quality of life for Portland's homeless population.


Water Trotter

The Water Trotter:  A solution for water purification and transportation - all in one.  By using old car tires and UV purification, we are changing the world through clean water and better lives. 

Lost Exhaust

LostExhaust takes advantage of the fact that everyone is going to and from the same place. By connecting people with those who live near them and drive a similar route everyday, carpooling becomes a simple way to save time and fuel while helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Past Projects:



ScumBot is a low maintenance autonomous robot designed to skim and remove aquatic surface vegetation such as duckweed and algae from small lakes and ponds. This robot would offer a substantial reduction in the cost of removing the vegetation in comparison with the other methods of removal that currently exist. With this invention, we are able to serve a niche in the market for both small bodies of water and for bodies of water whose ecosystems are fragile or protected.