Water Trotter transports water in developing countries in a cost effective way using accessible resources.  Not only does the prototype transport water, but also purifies the water as the wheel turns.  Ultraviolet purification lamps are placed in between the two tires and kill the tiny invisible bacteria in the water. This process is beneficial for clean drinking water and for cleaning food and bettering the cooking process to help make the water safer to consume. 

Water trotter team 2016-2017

Water trotter team 2016-2017


In 2015, Water Trotter won first place in the Clean Tech Challenge.

Gojo, Ethiopia

We focused our development specifically in a town called Gojo located in the Jeldu region of Ethiopia. We expect that the solution we develop will apply broadly throughout the developing world, however, Gojo is a prime example of the interaction of food and clean water scarcity and the negative effects upon the population. In Gojo, people walk miles every day to fill up jerry cans, the average mode of transporting water in Africa, that weigh over forty pounds (40 lbs) when full. Women generally conduct this hilly trek before the sun rises in order to collect (dirty) water for themselves or their families. By the time they return home, there isn’t time or fuel to boil the water so they use the water in their food and to drink even while it still contains harmful bacteria.

When speaking to an expert on Gojo he reported that the majority of patients he treated suffered from water related illnesses. People contract these illnesses from drinking the dirty water as well as consuming it in their food, as that it’s used in food preparation.